About Mr. Martin
About Mr. Martin

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About Mr. Martin

I grew up and currently live in La Mesa, California. I graduated from Helix High School, UCSD – Revelle College (B.A. Psychology, Minor Biology), University of Oregon (J.D. with Statements of Completion in (1) Environmental and Natural Resources Law, and (2) Ocean and Coastal Law), University of Utah (LL.M. in Energy Law) and SDSU (teacher education program). I was an attorney for about 15 years practicing at the Office of the Idaho Attorney General, the Law Offices of Jan I. Goldsmith (San Diego), and Hillyer & Irwin (San Diego) where I practiced for about 11 years and became a shareholder. I practiced primarily environmental law as well as general civil litigation, landlord tenant law, and bankruptcy law.

In 1998 I changed professions and became a teacher. While I enjoyed the intellectual challenge of practicing law, I was looking for something less adversarial and more personally rewarding. I have taught middle school pre-algebra and algebra for fourteen years, middle school science (earth science, life science and physical science) for four years, and computers to grades K-8 for five years. I'm also on my second year of teaching an after school robotics and electronics course. I have taught in public school, parochial school and private school.

My academic interests have always been varied. I took four years each of English, German, Social Studies, Science and Math in high school. I specifically choose UCSD – Revelle College because it provided “broad liberal arts education” with “a firm grounding in the major disciplines of the sciences, humanities, arts, and social sciences.” In addition to my psychology classes, my education at UCSD included 20 units of Chemistry including labs, 12 units of Physics, Geology, Botany, Plant Ecology, Ocean Ecology, Genetics, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Wilderness Studies, Calculus for math and science majors, Statistics, Computer Programming, and 24 units of Humanities (Literature and History). Instead of going to law school, I almost went into forestry having been admitted to the forestry program at UC Berkeley where I participated in their summer field program. A bit of a nerd, I still enjoy reading non-fiction, especially about math, science, technology, and the environment.

I have been happily married for over 36 years. I have two wonderful grown sons. I have two dogs - an older, mellow mixed bred, and a wonderful and very friendly German Shepherd mix about three years old. The German Shepherd mix was a rescue dog that came all the way from Turkey! Previously, we had a German Shepherd that sadly passed away in February 2016 after being our loyal companion for over 12 years. My favorite hobby is photography. I remember using the family Kodak Instamatic 104 when I was a kid, my own Minolta 600X Instamatic when I was 14, and finally a used Pentax H3v when I was 17. Photography is a wonderful mix of technology where optics and chemistry, and now electronics, freeze an instant of time. The beauty is not only in the final image, but also in the process of focusing the photographer’s attention on the essence of the scene. I am also fascinated by technology remembering with fondness when the first calculators and then personal computers came out. While we often associate new electronic devices with entertainment today, they have tremendously aided science and business in the last several decades. These interests and my teaching were the motivation behind the creation of this Web site in 2004. I collect vintage computers, calculators, cameras, typewriters and bicycles and then display them on the online museums in this Web site. In addition to photography, computers, collecting and the Web site, I enjoy hiking, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, and nature. In 2016 I also earned my General Class Ham Radio License, KM6BXQ. I'm still learning the ropes about this new hobby. I am also passionate about the need to help conserve resources and protect the environment. I proudly have solar voltaic cells on my roof and drive a 2018 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In car. Prior to that I had a 2005 Toyota Prius.


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