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  • Datamath Comprehensive and detailed information on Texas Instrument calculators. Highly recommended.
  • Mark's Calculator Collection large collection of calculators from a math professor in Michigan.
  • Vintage Technology Museum, a UK site with excellent information about vintage calculators and radios. Highly recommended.
  •, site from Solingen Germany with over 2300 calculators online!

Cameras and Photography

  • Eastman Kodak in addition to information about their products, the "Taking Great Pictures" section of the site has good general information about "taking great pictures."
  • History of Kodak Cameras from Kodak, a complete listing of every Kodak model including dates of production, film size and list price.
  • Chris Eve's Kodak Camera Collection extensive collection of Kodak cameras with data.
  • Ron Herron's, Collecting Mamiya 35mm Comprehensive and detailed information on Mamiya 35mm cameras. Highly recommended.
  • MINMAN Minolta manual cameras.
  • Photoethnography Equipment a very interesting discussion of vintage equipment from a professor of "photoethnography." Good sections on screwmount Pentax cameras, Canon EOS cameras, Canonet Rangefinder, and many others. Her general site is also very interesting.
  • Canon Camera Museum from Canon, a wonderful site with photos and specifications for every model of Canon camera produced.
  • Favorite Classics/ Instruction Manuals on-line instruction manuals for many classic camera models.

Consumer Price Index

  • Consumer Price Index from U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Go to "Inflation Calculator" to easily see what a historical price is in today's dollars.

Keyboarding Skills