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Teaching Resources

The following are some sample teaching resources that I have done throughout the years. The files are generally HTML, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF (Adobe Reader), or QuickTime (Apple) movies. I highlighted in green files that show an overview of the different types of resources. Additionally, please see a brief PowerPoint presentation about me, Mark Martin.

7th Grade Math 8th Grade Math 8th Grade Algebra
  • Story Problem Test - The Algebra Adventures of Goldilocks (Word)
  • Systems of Equations Test (Word)
  • Systems of Equations Test - Solutions (Word)
  • Chapter 3 Test - Mulitple Step Equations (Word)
  • Chapter 4 Test - Equations (Word)
  • Chapter 6 Test - Graphing (Word)
  • Graphing Test (Word)
  • Practice Graphing Test (Word)
  • Graphing Functions Test (Word)
  • SD to LA Graphing Assignment (Word)
  • Chapter 7 Test - Quadratic Equations (Word)
  • Chapter 8 Test - Exponents (Word)
  • Chapter 9 Test - Trigonometry (Word)
  • Chapter 10 Test - Factoring (Word)
  • Chapter 11 Test - Rational Expressions (Word) Science
  • Computers
    Overview Sketchup
    Website Design Photography Computer Technology Excel Other